Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

Assalamualaikum, people. Now, that you have some insights of Entrepreneurship, I'm positive that you are somewhat intrigued to know more about it, right? Some of you might already have intention to indulge yourself in Entrepreneurship, I supposed. Wink! This post is going to be all about the ways on how to become an entrepreneur. Future entrepreneurs, grab a piece of paper, grab a pen near you, you would want to write these down. On your mark, get set, go!

Think it is easy to become an entrepreneur? Think again! Fallon (2015) quoted, "Some people just seem to be "born entrepreneurs." From a young age, they've exhibited the traits necessary for business success — passion, creativity, leadership, perseverance, etc. — and when they announce their plans to launch a startup, their friends and family often say these ambitious individuals were destined for it,". [q]

1. Evaluate your skills to identify gaps 

Fallon (2015) said, "The best way to begin your journey as an entrepreneur is to take stock of what you already know. Wendy Torrance, director of entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, said startup founders should assess their skills, stage of life and whether there's a good opportunity in the market for their idea. Then, Torrance added, they need to figure out how to address any potential shortcomings of their business by building a team to fill in some of their own gaps,". Basically, you have to know yourself first, know your level, know your skills. Then, grab every opportunity there is. This is because, "Once you've combined your knowledge with that of your team, you can figure out which skills you'll need to improve," (Fallon, 2015).

2. Find a Mentor

You were not born as a skilled person. Everyone needs a mentor in particular areas. In this context, "Regardless of whether you're studying to become an entrepreneur, it's crucial to seek out the wisdom of those who have been there before. One way to do this is by turning to a professional mentor to guide you through the early stages of your startup and provide valuable feedback on your business strategies and issues," (Fallon, 2015).

3. Learn to Listen

According to Fallon (2015), "As an investor in entrepreneurship training, Frank Rimalovski, managing director of the New York University Innovation Venture Fund, has found that one of the most important lessons a business owner can learn is how to listen to customers. A lack of customers, rather than the failure of a product or technological development, is often the reason startups suffer, and knowing what your target market wants is key to avoiding this pitfall,". Actually, we have to be good listeners in every aspect. Try to understand people and people will try to understand you. Try to understand your customers, find out what they need. Create it! 


4. Find the right resources

Based on the claim made by Fallon (2105), "Not everyone will end up running a business, but there are many resources available for those who want to do so. These resources range from formal business courses and networking programs to seminars and websites offering guidance for business owners,". Easily said, when you want to start a business, find the right people to help you. Resources, I mean. Seek for the good ones, ones that will guide and help you to achieve your dreams in entrepreneurship.


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