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Happiness in Entrepreneurship

Assalamualaikum, dear readers!
Entrepreneurship is really something, right? In some way, you are attracted to it, don’t lie to me. He he he! Believe me, there is happiness in Entrepreneurship. Don’t believe me? Wink! Take a look at the statements below.

Agrawal (2014) claimed, “What's interesting is that when many of us look at why we are entrepreneurs and what makes us happy, there are differences. The common belief is that making more money will increase how happy we are,”. [c(i)]

The Real Way to Find Flow

According to Agrawal (2014), there is happiness in entrepreneurship, he said, “So if fame and money are not good reasons for being an entrepreneur, what is? I believe the answer is relationships and self-growth. When we experience "in the zone" states as entrepreneurs, there are common symptoms. The activity we're taking part in is challenging, and measurable. Also, at those moments in time we don't care what others think. When you see world-class athletes perform, you'll notice how they are able to screen out all other distractions. The motivation to succeed is produced internally. This is happiness through self-growth. We enjoy these moments as entrepreneurs because we are improving ourselves through challenging activities,”.

Agrawal (2014) stated, “Entrepreneurship brings us happiness is through the relationships we develop. These connections have now become less common, as technology has allowed us to focus on relationships less,”. By creating strong bonds with people can make one become happier, as stated by Agrawal (2014), “Ot is in our best interest as entrepreneurs to make sure we work with people we can develop strong ties with. We can optimize our happiness by having a company that has people who are close, work together, and trust one another,”.

More money, more smiles!

According to Weisul (2014), “Established women business owners ranked their happiness more than twice as high as non-entrepreneurs and non-business owners,". [c(iv)]

Weisul (2014) claimed, “More money--not surprisingly--was linked to higher levels of well-being. But when the survey subjects were split into thirds by income, entrepreneurs in the middle third were just as happy as non-entrepreneurs in the highest third. Weisul (2014) said, “It could be, however, that happier people are more likely to become entrepreneurs. The report points out that those with higher levels of well-being were more likely to see opportunities for a business and more likely to believe they're capable of starting one,”.

PROVEN: Entrepreneurs are Happiest

Blackwell (2012) quoted, “The study, by Wharton management professors Ethan Mollick and Matthew Bidwell, surveyed 11,000 graduates of the Wharton MBA program, asking them to rate their happiness with their career overall, their current job and their work-life balance. It should be noted that this was not a particularly entrepreneurial-minded group: The majority took jobs in banking, consulting or financial services after completing their degree. But during the course of their careers, about 20% of the graduates ended up starting their own businesses. In general, the study contradicted the old saying that money cannot buy happiness; the more money someone earned, the happier they tended to be. The older respondents also tended to be happier than the younger ones,”. [c(ii)]

According to Pofeldt (2014), “The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global Report, prepared by Babson College and other universities and released in January, underlines something that I’ve noticed in my own reporting for years: Entrepreneurs really are happier than other people. And in innovation-driven economies like the U.S., women entrepreneurs are even happier than their male counterparts. Whether they run early-stage startups or established businesses, business owners in all regions rated their own well being higher than counterparts who didn’t own a business. As you might expect, those in established businesses reported higher levels of well-being than those in startups, who are still contending with struggles like finding seed money and customers,”. [c(iii)]

My passion, my happiness!

To me, Entrepreneurship is interesting and thus brings happiness, to me. Maybe I have never indulged myself in creating an innovation or start up a business. But, I am near to that. I love business. I love doing it. I’m intrigued to Entrepreneurship because I know that it will not just bring me more money, but also it can bring me happiness. Doing something that I love, something that I’m passionate about is my happiness. Entrepreneurship indeed has caught my heart, at first glance. Aww! 


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