Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Experience in Business

Assalamualaikum, everyone! Greetings. 

I believe by indulging yourself in business, you will be happy.

After you have read this blog, you guys might be wondering why am I interested to create a blog entitled Entrepreneurship, at the first place, right? Well, maybe some of you are curious. Let me end your curiosity. I created a blog entitled Entrepreneurship and talked about all sorts of entrepreneurial knowledge because obviously I love Entrepreneurship! I love business. I'm actually a business woman, myself.  In this post, I will tell you about my experiences, my wonderful experiences being a business woman or a business girl.

I've started indulging in the biz world ever since I was in semester 3, still studying in KPM Indera Mahkota in Diploma in English Communication (DEC). The funny thing was, when I was semester 1, I sent my application to be a PSN (Persatuan Siswa Niaga) member. But then, throughout the whole semester, I did not even go to any of the meetings. Opps, my bad! Well, I was quite lazy at the time. Semester 1 was somewhat hectic because I was new and everything seemed difficult for me to handle. I didn't even know why I wanted to joined the PSN at that time.

An advertisement I made and spread all over the girl hostels in KPMIM and via WeChat.

When I was in semester 3, Allah sent me his Hidayah (guide). I started to realize that money is important when you are a student. I started to cut down the FAMA (Father Mother Allowance) and started to gain my own money. I went to Instagram and searched for things that can be sold. At the time, wideshawls were totally in the market. I went ahead and bought a bundle of wideshawls from an instashop. First, I bought the pattern ones, only. When you buy something in a wholesale form, you will get a wholesale price, much lower than the price of a piece. I started my business without my parents knowing. I did it secretly. At the time, my financial was getting more stable, alhamdulillah. After about three times re-buying wideshalws from the same supplier, I wanted to try something new. I went on Instagram and bought boxes of Obuse lip tints. I'm sure if you're a girl, you know what they are. They're these little lip tints that are very convenient and compact from travelling and all. The colours are all sheer and natural. It's like adding a glow on your face. 

Throughout the whole semester, I was in a lot of pressure with studies and friends. My business didn't interfere my studies. But, I had some misunderstandings with my friends and a lot of back-talkings. I was indeed stressful when I was in semester 3. I think semester 3 is by far the worst semester that I've ever had. Despite all that, my business had gotten better and I gained a lot more customers and profit. I started to gain many loyal customers. They keep on repeating orders from me. So, I started making promotions and discounts. A lot more people came to me! I was the happiest person at the time and the best thing was I had no problems financially and my mother didn't know that I was doing very well with my financial, because I'm actually a shopaholic. I tend to waste money on things. But, after I have indulged myself in business, I started to shop less and sell more. It felt amazing!

The happiness continued with the real deal when my mother found out that I have been doing business over the past months. I was scared at first. But, my mother was into wideshawls at the time. Therefore, there was this one time that my mother, my sisters and I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) and we bought bundles and bundles of wideshalws, mostly are plain, glitter and crumpled. It was a lot of fun, going shopping with your mom and sisters and asking for lower prices from the sellers. It's an amazing feeling when you bargain with the seller to lower the price of something that you want to buy and you win the bargain. As the malays say, "Untung gila bapak". Hahaha! It's true though. It is profitable to sell things that you bought via wholesale. Then, I went back to Kuantan and continued selling the same thing, just more. My sales finished early. I wasn't expected that actually. All of the girls were crazy over wideshawls at that time (2014). So, I had a wonderful experience in business when I was in semester 3, despite my tension towards studies and friends. The highlight of the semester would be, I got a lot of profit and in terms of studies, I managed to achieved a 4.00 of GPA. Alhamdulillah. At the end of the day, it turned out that semester 3 was one of the unforgettable semesters I've ever had. Wink!

The logo of Daisy Hijab (Bawal Crepe 45") created by me

When I was in semester 4, bawal crepe was totally admirable by most girls. Who wouldn't want a perfectly shaped scarves (tudung)? I sold bawal crepe especially for my college mates as we are not allowed to wear any other tudung except bawal crepe and instant scarfs (tudung sarung/tudung awning). Well, of course I grabbed the opportunity to sell what the girls want! Bawal crepe or the commercial name that I used was Daisy Hijab, is a 45" one. It is perfectly shaped and very comfortable. I had tons of customers back in semester 4 and I kept on repeating hundreds of orders from my supplier, until the end of the semester. Overall, everyone was happy wearing the bawal crepe. I saw my customers' happy faces when the bawal crepe hijab arrived. I love seeing that. That's why I love doing business. I want to make people happy, and I want to always see smiles on their faces. It's an undescribable feeling that I want to feel, always.

In semester 5, which is this semester, I sold POCO caramel popcorns. They're very sweet! I love it so much. In TSK (Terminal Sentral Kuantan), the popcorn was sold at the price of RM 8. It was rather expensive. I went to Instagram and searched for wholesalers for that particular popcorn and fortunately I found a dropshipper who lives in Kuantan. I bought 2 boxes and she sent me the boxes herself via delivery. So I didn't have to bank in any money in any accounts, so that was a plus point. Again, for the popcorn, I gained a lot of customers because I sold the popcorn at an affordable price and a lot of them sent good feedbacks to me, they said they loved the popcorn and they're very delicious and all. I was very happy. I'm very happy. I'm a happy bussiness girl. He he he!

All in all, I love business and I'd love to be an entrepreneur one day. I want to have my own busienss, create my own products and I want to make people happy and satisfied with the things they'd buy from me, inshaAllah.


  1. Asaalamualaikum hai kak aisyah 😊 mind to tell me do you undergo any interview before enroll into kpmim as dec students?

  2. Asaalamualaikum hai kak aisyah 😊 mind to tell me do you undergo any interview before enroll into kpmim as dec students?