Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Impacts of Entrepreneurship

Assalamualaikum! Hello again people! So pumped right now, I don't even know why! Well, we are almost halfway to the end. But, not just yet. We have a lot more to talk about. But, first, let's do some exercises, follow the penguin! 1, 2, 3, oh yeah!  

Now, we have learnt itsy bits about Entrepreneurship. I'm sure you have gained a lot of input, right? Let's add some more! Entrepreneurship has its impacts. What are they? Let's dive into that!

Okay, I'm sure this penguin animation makes you want to dance, non-stop, LOL. It's okay. You can read while dancing. That means you're exercising not just your eyes, but also your body. Good! Alright, there are many impacts of Entrepreneurship. 

1. Self-fulfillment

If you love business, you'll be satisfied doing business. Hence, you'll be satisfied being an entrepreneur. Selling is your passion. Do it, live it! Do what you love and you will be satisfied and fulfilled!

2. Enhances Communication Skills

Everything involves communication these days. Tell me one area that does not require communication? None. In business, there is a lot of communication occur, from selling to buying to everything. When you want to deal with your suppliers, you communicate. When you want to contact one of your partners to make a business plan, you communicate. When you want to persuade people to believe in your innovation, you communicate! See, communication is important! By indulging yourself in the business world, you will get to enhance your communication skills. Awesome!

3. Teaches Self-discipline

Entrepreneurship teaches people how to be discipline. An entrepreneur starts from the bottom, from the scratch. Entrepreneurs don't give up. This is their passion. They strive and strive to accomplish goals, missions and visions. They have great will. With great will, comes great discipline. With great discipline, comes great accomplishments. 

What I have stated are the most obvious impacts of Entrepreneurship. There are many more impacts and benefits by indulging oneself in Entrepreneurship. Want to know more? Indulge yourself, now!


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